March 5, Late Night Show for Alan Fletcher: 50 Years of Graphic Work and Play, Manchester, UK

Going through my pile of newspapers before recycling day, I re-read a review for Alan Fletcher: Fifty Years of Graphic Work (and play) which was to close on March 4th.

I failed to notice until now that the exhibit was in Manchester (UK) at CUBE (Center for the Urban Built Environment) which looks at the confluence of art, design and architecture.

The thing that caught my attention first in the review was actually the poster below, Art of surprise, 1993 (from the program pages).

Cage Poster exhib main

In the age of navel gazing (Twitter, Blogs, Facebook and the like) something worth thinking about.

I learned from the program notes that the show was opened on January 21st by Peter Saville, famous for his album covers for New Order and Factory Records.

Peter Saville worked with him at design firm Pentagram and describes Alan Fletcher's approach this way:

"Alan was ever-aware that what touched him had the potential to touch others. His open-minded panoramic view of the world always allowed him to see when something was good, regardless of its provenance."

A first, "this comprehensive exhibition includes original sketches, posters, objects and archive footage spanning Fletcher’s work from his student days at the RCA to the playful and more personal work he created after leaving Pentagram in 1992. "

Seems like they are extending it for a day with the following:

"Emily King will be giving a talk on Alan Fletcher: Fifty years of graphic work (and play) at 12:30pm on Friday 5th March at the University of Salford's Allerton Theatre. Emily is a renowned curator and editor of graphic design publications including Frieze and Wallpaper, and author of Restart: New Systems of Graphic Design"

In addition, on the same day, March 5th, CUBE will be having a late night opening, where visitors will be able to view the exhibition until 8pm.

Can't make it to Manchester, Wallpaper Magazine has a Gallery of 13 of the Pieces on display at this retrospective for us all to see.

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