Kids and Garland Jeffreys Rock for Haiti at Petite Abeille, NY, March 7, 5 Pm

Back in my high school days, I remember times when along with friends idealism and a desire to help got us involved in similar efforts.

With that and the suffering of so many people in impoverished Haiti in mind, I had to lend my modest support to a group of kids who were passionate enough to decide to try and do something.


Who and what is behind this Kids Rocking for Haiti in NYC:

"A unique and growing fundraising campaign, a collaboration of New York City’s diverse multi-cultural communities, grew out of the vision of Pascal Jadot, a young Manhattan middle school student and musician. Pascal’s desire to do a concert with his band, Sidewayz, to benefit the children of Haiti, is creating a groundswell of support that has grown into a multi-faceted relief campaign."

It did not hurt that Pascal was able to get his father and other grown-ups on board:

"Yves Jadot, Pascal’s father, owner of Petite Abeille restaurant with his partners, stated, “We are very happy to donate our services and facilities for this worthy cause and further encourage Pascal and other young people to become more involved with causes as worthy as this one.” Granville Leo Stevens, is a long-time Stuyvesant Town resident who is collaborating with Yves, added, “We do not wish to see any diminishment in aid meeting the continuing needs of the people of Haiti with the passage of time. We hope to keep their dire medical condition in the spotlight to galvanize humanitarian efforts and the generosity of the families and businesses of our diverse communities, particularly the 30,000 neighbors of Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village, schools, and community-based organizations.”

Where is the ROCK FOR HAITI Benefit taking place:

 At Petite Abeille, 401 East 20th Street (at 1st Ave.), on Sunday March 7, 2010, 5-8pm.

What's on the program:

In addition to a performance by the SIDEWAYZ rock band, entertainment for the evening will also feature the extraordinary young singer-song writer, Savannah Jeffreys, who will perform a few of her original compositions.
Internationally acclaimed recording artist, Garland Jeffreys, is scheduled for a limited appearance and will perform two songs.
Jose Obando, Latin musical instrument consultant to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and his Salsa All-Stars band will add their up-tempo rhythms and musical heat.

How can you get tickets:

Tickets for admission to the Benefit performance are $20 (fully tax deductible) and may be purchased in advance at any of the four Petite Abeille restaurants in Manhattan.

Where is the Money going:

Proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders (USA)/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the American affiliate of the international medical humanitarian organization formed by doctors and journalists in France in 1971.

You could find worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon than supporting these kids effort.

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