Get a Cake Art Education, Win Whimsical Bakehouse, the Magic Book that Shows it All

Magic comes in many shapes and forms.

Sometimes it is an illusion.

Kaye and Liv Hansen, a mother and daughter team, create edible magic.

If you want a cake art education there are no better teachers.

Originally published (in hardcover) in 2002, their Whimsical Bakehouse book will wow you, charm you and even explain step by step how to re-create the real and the fantasy world, one layer and one butterfly at a time.

Their Ode to Jackson Pollock (page 42) is a clear nod to Liv's art background.

Summer Nights (page 80) with its fleet of butterflies warms up your heart on a damp Tuesday in February.

After the single cakes, my favorite multi-tiered ones have to be New York, New York (page 129) with its bustling life and Safari (page 136), hippos, zebras and all.

How can you win a copy of the soft cover edition of the book (published in January 2010)


Either send us a picture of your own Fantasy Cake creation

Or give us 3 Memorable Baking Scenes in movies (with links to it if possible).

There is only one copy available so time is of the essence.

To get your chance to win, e-mail your entry to sls [at] njconcierges [dot] com

Deadline for entries is Friday, March 5, 2010 by Midnight (US Eastern Time).

The winner will be announced on March 8.

Have fun.

Clarkson Potter was kind enough to donate the book for this contest, thank you!

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