Donkeys in the Vineyard, Father, Sons and Daughters at Gelso della Valchetta

On the second day of Vino 2010, 'Meet & Greet' lunch break was a roomful of wines, some food and not much space to move.

It is hard under these circumstances to juggle a glass, the guide to exhibitors and a notepad.

My method was no method.

I let inspiration, hazard and visual cues guide me.

All three happened as I was standing in front of the Gelso della Valchetta table hosted by Mapi and Marco Caldani, the proud owners.


It was graced by the picture of this donkey (l'ane) being part of the harvest.

Mapi was glad I noticed it and excitedly told me the story of her bambinis (the donkeys). Each one has a name.

The winery located a short drive from Rome was established in 1997.

It's a family affair with the help of oenologist Graziana Grassini.

Small production with 2 wines, Il Lilium (100% Chardonnay, 5000 Bottles) and Il Gelso (75% Merlot, 25% Cabernet, 32000 Bottles), first vintage in 2003.


They harvest by hand, take their time and try to do it right by nature and by us.

How Dolce is la Vita at Gelso della Valchetta?

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