Darn, Could Have Been Rubbing Shoulders with Charlie Trotter at Gourmet Abu Dhabi 2010

It would have been a nice change of scenery to spend a few days in the Gulf for Gourmet Abu Dhabi 2010 which just closed its doors on February 19.


I could have been rubbing shoulders with Charlie Trotter, Alain Passard, Yvan Marclay and Pierre Herme and I might even have found time to get a tan.

It was only the second edition of Gourmet Abu Dhabi.

Besides the star chefs, it also featured a number of food and wine events with producers from Dominio de Pingus (Ribeira del Duero) to Pio Cesare (Italy) and Domaine Michel Gros (Burgundy) as well.

Thanks to Janell of The Rambling Epicure for bringing this event to my attention.

Should I put the 2011 edition of Gourmet Abu Dhabi on my to do list?

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