Cuisine d'Auteur, Omnivore Festival 2010 in Deauville, February 22-23

I was struggling to find a word or two to express what the Omnivore Festival is about until I read the wrap up notes by kindred spirit Paolo Marchi of Identita' Golose another creative food festival which just took place in Milan sporting the words cucina d'autore.

That's it I thought, cuisine d'auteur it is as there is film d'auteur for the movies.

The founder of the Omnivore Festival, Luc Dubanchet, believes that rather than behave like French cuisine is in danger of extinction under threat from foreign influences, it is healthier to recognize that talent in the kitchen is not limited to the hexagon.

He calls his vision 'jeune cuisine' , young cuisine would be a straight translation but fresh blood captures his ideas better.

The guitar driven sneak preview for Omnivore 2010 below gives you a feel for what might happen.


This is the festival's 5th Edition.

Unfortunately for many of you Program (and website) is in French Only.

Choose from Le Programme Salé (the 'regular' meal) and Le Programme Sucré(desserts).

On the Salé side, I noticed Carlo Mirarchi of Roberta’s in Brooklyn (NY) serving from delicious pizzas to pickled pig's tongue next to Grégory Marchand of Frenchie (Paris) which the program describes as haute couture cuisine for the price of pret a porter and fussy free.

I also noticed some names like Inaki Aizpitarte who took part in Le Fooding d' Amour in NY last September.

I will not go through the whole list of chefs which includes Arnaud Daguin of Hegia, an amazing (and expensive) oasis of peace in Hasparren (Pyrenees Atlantiques) with just 5 rooms.

As for the Sucré track, I would like to taste the Skyr (vikings yogurt) by Hakon Mar Orvarsson of Reykjavik and see what emulsions Roger Van Damme of Het Gebaar (Antwerp) comes up with in 'Emulsion Fire'...

Sounds like a 48 Hours treat for the senses.

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