Blog Web Love for Valentine's Day, Toronto to Buenos Aires via London and Rome

The Typepad Team were onto something yesterday, February 12, when they suggested that Valentine's Day week-end could be as good as any time to show some blog love.

Once I decided it was worth doing, all I had to do was go blog hunting.

Always mentioning the same people, cities and all can feel tired after a while.

Let's start with Toronto Tasting Notes. Sarah B.Hood put together a list of up to and on February 14 happenings in Activities for Food Lovers (January 22). She started early unlike me.

The idea of Brunch at 10:00 AM does not appeal to me. Feels more like prelude to a breakup.

On special days, eating out should not take place before Noon.

Dinner at Lolita's Lust sounds more fun and edgy.

Soccer fans near my native city of Lanester in Brittany can celebrate La St Valentin with a match between FC Lorient / Toulouse FC at 5 PM.

In need of an adrenalin rush View London UK lists a Lover's Leap Bungee Jump ( £97.00  for two people, tax included).
Note that "participants for this Valentines Day gift must be aged 14 or older - parental consent required up to 16 years of age" while participants (like myself) over 50 yrs require a doctors certificate.

More down to earth are Weddings at the Vatican as shared by Rome Reports TV.

Next and last is Adelanto San Valentin 2010 from All You Need is Cupcakes in Buenos Aires.


I close the chapter on this cute note

Happy Valentine's Day 2010.

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