Ben Rye Vino Passito, Sweet Dreams for My Tenderest Twosome

I don't really drink dessert wines usually.

At Vino 2010 and a just a couple of days ago at Tre Bicchieri tasting, I discovered Vino Passito and have grown fond of it.

When I noticed Your Tenderest Twosome offered by The Domestic Goddess as the theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday #66 in tandem with Sugar High Fridays, I had grapes to pick on.

Now I had to narrow my choices.

Maybe because it is the latest that I tasted and the memory is still fresh, I decided to go with Ben Rye Vino Passito di Pantelleria (08).

Ben rye

We have to thank Donnafugata for producing this 'miracle wine' on the island of Pantelleria near Sicily.

It is 100% Zibibbo grapes (also known as Moscato d' Alessandria).

Making Passito starts with letting the grapes dry after harvesting them.

You can sense orange flavors in this Passito. What I like about it is while intense it is not sugary sweet, rather sweet and subtle.

I would give it a try with an almond or nut cake or if you are in the mood for sipping , munching and taking it slow, get some almonds, nuts, figs and hard cheeses and enjoy the moment.

Pairings are often a very subjective matter.

Nick Stephens of Bordeaux Undiscovered gives us in Pantelleria, Passito and Carole Bouquet (October 08) a guided tour to Passito's history and roots.

Sweet dreams, sea and sun!

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