2 Days to Go before Greener Gadgets 2010...Design and Sustainability on the Menu

Even though in 2009, I could not stay for the whole event, I enjoyed this conference well enough to register for Greener Gadgets 2010 , February 25th in New York.

This year's program has a strong focus on design, recycling and sustainability.

After all, good design in electronics and even people powered gadgets, kitchen utensils and even homes can make them easier to upgrade, fix and in general helps extend their life.

Parts that need to be discarded should be made easier to recycle, reducing the use of potentially hazardous materials in the manufacturing process being part of it.

One of the speakers on Thursday, Leonardo Bonnani who teaches 'radical sustainability in product design' at MIT founded SourceMap will helps us common mortals 'know where things come from and what they are made of'. The project looks at products, food and travel.

Keynote speakers for the event will be Robert Fabricant , Vice President of Creative for frog design looking for new areas that could use their expertise and Yves Béhar the founder of fuseproject, an 'integrated design agency dedicated to the development of the emotional experience of brands through storytelling' (sorry for the mouthful).

Architecture and women will not be left out with the participation of
Ellen Honigstock whose Toeprint Project finds 'sustainable strategies for existing buildings' one action at a time.

Many other women will share their concerns and knowledge on Thursday.

These are only a few things that titillated my brain and my interest.

I will surely find more to share during and after Greener Gadgets 2010 right here.

Food for thought on Green Day # 116

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