Playful like Fumiko Imano and her Poetic Photography

Self-portraits, imaginary twins, collage, travel, a sprinkle of Punk attitude.

Playful like Fumiko Imano and her Poetic Photography in 100 Years to Fish the Right Man (Japan 2006, above, copyright Fumiko Imano)

Her Baguette Orchestra (Paris 2005, below, copyright Fumiko Imano) brought back to mind Baguette Bardot (a Japanese oddity).


Even though I picked two black and white pictures, she also dreams in color.

She shares her dough making adventures in I'm not julie or julia but bread princess (Fumiko Imano blog. December 17).

Her second (self published book) is titled 'I Hate Photography'.

I discovered this young lady via Fumiko's Double Vision (Tokyo Art Beat, January 6), her interview with Amelia Groom, originally published on Amelia's very own Big in Japan site.

Daydreaming for Tokyo Thursdays # 121, the first of 2010.

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