Le Gouter, French Afternoon Snack for Schoolkids Reinvented by Grown Ups

We all have fond memories of childhood even of school days.

Amongst these treasured moments, I and many others raised in France count Le Gouter ou Le Quatre Heures, that French afternoon snack time for schoolkids getting home before the dreaded homework.

I cannot say that I have maintained the tradition as after many years spent in the restaurant field, lunch time has moved to the 2-3 PM slot.

After taking my dog out for a short walk not long ago on a chilly day, I could see myself going for a hot chocolate and une tartine avec du beurre et de la confiture (a slice of bread with jam and butter) as offered by Caroline B (whose illustration I borrowed).

Comfort food in its most simple form.


A French blog titled Le Gouter (in French only) lets grown ups offer their favorites.

With some 120 contributors, Le Gouter is a big family.

Bea of La Tartine Gourmande is not one of them but she could.

If you are all nostalgia watching French blockbuster movie Le Petit Nicolas based on the 50's comic strip by Sempe and Goscinny on the life of young school boy Nicolas is the perfect match.

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