Trifle, from Awful to Sinful, Sweet Treats for the Holidays and In Between

The trifle in No such thing as a mere trifle by Catherine Phipps (December 21. Guardian) made me think rice pudding at first glance.

I had never heard of such a sweet treat as a trifle, blame it on my French bias if you will.

Catherine Phipps attributes the trifle's lasting popularity in the UK to the fact that no cooking skills are necessary except for the custard, and the flexibility it offers as all the other ingredients can vary greatly depending on your inspiration and what you have in your fridge and cupboard.

Major point of contention is 'Jelly or not Jelly', the author suggests.

She admits that because of the unlimited possibilities, trifles can be anywhere from awful to sinful.

On my side of the Atlantic, Taste of Home offers its own trifles tips and options, not thrilled personally.

Southern Living has a more appetizing Strawberry-Orange Trifle , looks better at least.


Lara of Cook & Eat on the other hand gives us a play by play on her very elegant Spring Trifle (April 07), pictured above (from her piece).

Sweet treats for the holidays and in between

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