Gotta Taste It, Noella Morantin 2008 Touraine Gamay, I Have not Yet

I like Gamay because it's not fussy, people and food friendly, and it holds its horses fruit and alcohol wise as wines from the Loire tend to do compared to other wine regions.

Subtle is the word.

After reading many words of praise on Noella Morantin 2008 Touraine Gamay, I will have to find it.

Actually there are two offerings, the common man Noella Morantin 2008 Touraine Gamay, around $12-$13.

It is shown below at its birthplace in all its splendor as photographed by local lensman Olivier Blaise from Nemours. You can find more of his Food and Loire Wine takes on Lightstalkers.

Gamay, noella morantin

A step up from it is 'Mon Cher' ($19-$20 range) which Jake of Cherries and Clay featured in On Joe Dressner and Noëlla Morantin (November 13) along with other Loire wines. I borrowed his snapshot of 'Mon Cher'.

Mon cher

Here's his take on it:

"The Mon Cher is infatuating and seriously rivals any of my Beaujolais experiences to be one of the prettiest wines I’ve ever drank. It contains a surprisingly big intensity and is incredibly spicy with some herbaceous green characters glimpsing through, the longer it breathes the more delicate red fruits become visible. Essence of cinnamon hearts (but without the candiness), peppermint, strawberry and raspberry. This wine exudes vibrancy in every way and is truly a pleasure to drink. It was bottled with zero sulphur added."

Once I get a chance to taste one of them or both, I will see if I agree with Jake.

Both wines are Organic by the way.

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