All I Want for Christmas, A Plane Ticket to France, A Vacation, Food and Wine Surprises in the Mail

I stopped believing in Santa or should I say Papa Noel a few years back.

Yet there are a few things I would not mind getting this year.

Here's my list, at least the first draft.

First would be a plane ticket to France which begs for my visit as I have not been there in a while and that is where the vacation part kicks in.

Otherwise, food and wine surprises landing in my mail box would be nice and spice up my days if and when it happens.


On the non-material side, I will definitely welcome a big serving or two of peace and quiet, any day of the year.

Papa Noel made an early stop (picture above) to the Audubon Nature Institute, a swamp thing, on December 5th.

Getting in the holiday spirit!

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