Sweet and Moist, Not Dry, Should I go with Monukka or Flame Raisins

Why is choosing anything these days so complicated?

The paradox of choice is alive and well even in the food aisle.

You look at olive oils and it is not quite like picking between wine appellations but close.

Right now, I am on a mission to pick Sweet and Moist, not Dry, raisins.


Should I go with Monukka raisins(from grapes above) or Flame raisins (below, from Purcell Mountain)?

Flame Raisins

Have they got to be jumbo size, artisanal, organic or big brand like Dole or Sunmaid or Turkish for that matter?

Maybe I'll just get one of each and see which is my favorite?

Or I'll take your suggestions...

Lost in the supermarket

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