Passion Fuels Good Work and Brings Joy

As I browsed the aisles of the 2009 Edition of the NY Chocolate Show on Sunday in search of new talent and to catch up with old acquaintances, I was treated to all kinds of approaches from various companies, from babies to elder statesmen, from tiny to global.

Regardless of how many years the 'brands' had been in existence or their size, what distinguished some people from the others was whether they had personality, originality or if they served me the PR line.

Being smooth, entertaining and on message does not make your creation more attractive.

Using clever packaging does not make your product (chocolate in that case) taste better in the end.

It might make you this year's darling and next year someone else will be.

I will not name names here as it would be inappropriate.

What I was reminded of on Sunday is whatever the reason that drives you to do what you do, you need to believe in what you are doing.

Sincerity versus phoniness?

Chris Brogan said it eloquently in Find you voice in business (January 09).

Jason Lloyd interview of Gene McNichols Managing with heart (August 06) shines light on many related issues.

Passion fuels good work and good products and maybe even more importantly brings joy as Dan Foster notes at No 3 in Passion, the Fuel of Success (August 09).


Liese Gardner of Mecca Communications adds fuel to the fire with Fuel which "explores what drives us; our professional passions and our alternative fuel such as art, music, poetry,or whatever ignites us!"

Fuel's logo is my illustration...

Inspiration on the menu of Monday Work Etiquette # 114

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