Gozilla and the Retirement Age, An English Guide to Theaters in Tokyo

With Tokyo Stages, William Andrews, a Tokyo based writer, took it upon himself to compile a list, a directory of Tokyo Theaters in English directed at contemporary theater rather than traditional type.

As he explains, he has divided his guide into three categories "the top dogs, as such (some of which are public and producing houses); the main commercial theatres; and a handful of the fringe theatres."

First of his Top Dogs is Bungakuza Atelier which staged a number of American plays such as 'Street Car Named Desire' and 'Glenngarry Glenn ross'.

Unfortunately as is the case with many Japanese sites, most of the Bungakuza site is in Japanese.

Currently playing (Nov 5-Nov 14) is Teinen Gozilla whose poster (below) has an 'Abbey Road' feel to it.

I had to ask my friend Fumiko for help in getting the title and its translation.

She informed me that 'Teinen' means retirement age so the name of the play could translate in 'Retirement Age Gozilla'.

Thanks Fumiko

On stage for Tokyo Thursdays # 112

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