The Hermit of Paradise Valley brings 'La Demarrante' to Life

If you check the map for Villeneuve Les Corbieres, you realize that Maxime Magnon picked an out of the way spot in Paradise Valley to bring 'La Demarrante' to life.

This Vin de Pays de la Vallee du Paradis is equal parts Carignan and Cinsault from what I gathered, harvested by hand. Maxime wants to keep it natural.


I don't know if many (or any) properties in the area do it any other way.

Rosemary George of Taste Languedoc described 'La Demarrante' (2008) as 'gouleyant' which could be translated as young, fresh, light, pleasant on the palate.

My first sip of it was at Chambers Street Wines tasting with Monsieur Kermit Lynch on October 30th.

Want to visit the winemaker and stay in the village, La Maison dans Villeneuve is your chance.

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