Italian Wines, Labels Made in New York, Calea and Tratturi

Browsing the shelves, I first noticed Calea 'Nero d'Avola' (07) so it's got to be Sicily a day or two later I saw Tratturi 'Primitivo' (08).

They are both in that $10 range and distributed by Polaner selections.

Going on a fact finding mission, I found out by way of Lovely Package (whose Calea picture I borrowed) that the labels for both wines were created by Louise Filli, a New York design firm doing a lot of work in the food and wine field.


They gave some patina to the names, roots that might not be there, du chien, like the girl next door looking like a million bucks in a snazzy outfit.

As for the wines, here's some background information from Polaner:

Calea (Sicily) first:

"An assemblage of Nero d’Avola drawn from the best Sicilian sub-zones, this presents the glories of Sicily’s best-known red wine grape in a pure and approachable form.

Calea’s sleek and modern package combines elements from Sicily’s rich architectural traditions, and colors that call to mind the bright sunlight and burnished earth of this ancient crossroads of the Mediterranean."

As for Tratturi (Puglia):

"Tratturi is the word for the ancient drovers trails in the countryside of Puglia that shepherds used in the old days to bring their flocks of sheep and other animals down from the mountains in autumn. This countryside of Puglia, specifically the subzone of Salento, is the source of this bold, spicy, and delicious Primitivo.

Primitivo is said be related to the Zinfandel grape which many old Italian immigrants planted in Northern California in the late 19th and early 20th century. The Tratturi label was inspired by the designs of Italy of this era. The background of the label is made up of Trulli houses, which dot the countryside in Pugia."

A job well done on both the design and the wine, good bang for your buck

I also like the motto on back label 'Open your mind and taste'


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