Egyptian Tablets from Italian Contingent, NY Chocolate Show, Part 2

Sometimes a thread finds you.

Call it 1001 Nights of Chocolate if you want.

After mentioning Camel Milk Chocolate, I discovered that Guido Gobino, one of the members from the Italian contingent at the 2009 New York Chocolate show has created Egyptian Tablets.


Made with cocoa from Java and Trinidad blended with Muscovado sugar, sea salt and Myrrh extract, it celebrates ancient Egypt in tune with the Ancient Egypt in Torino exhibit touring Japan.

It was first in Tokyo (August 1st – 4 October 2009) and then moved on to Sendai (24 October – 23 December 2009), Kobe (20 March – 30 May 2010) and Shinzuoka (12 June – 22 August 2010).

Will I have an historic meeting with this producer?

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