Camel Milk Chocolate, Al Nassma from Dubai at NY Chocolate Show 2009 opening October 30

After finalizing the registration for my yearly pilgrimage to the New York Chocolate Show, 2009 will be my fourth visit, I checked the list of exhibitors to see which new names and countries were popping up.

I did not have to go further than the latter A to find out that both Dubai and Jordan are being represented.

From Dubai comes Al Nassma whose claim to fame is to bring us the "first and finest camel milk chocolate" (I quote).

What I know for sure is that it will be my first taste of anything made with camel milk.

In their introduction, we learn that Al Nassma is the name of a cool wind from the ocean that brings relief to the desert.
Camel milk is said to have healing powers.


In July 2009, The Telegraph UK wrote that the firm was "founded and owned by Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Al Nassma was formally established in October last year and aims to produce 100 tons of premium camels' milk chocolate a year" and that "all chocolates are produced without preservatives or chemical additives with a range of locally popular spices, nuts and honey".

They also note that the chocolates are produced in partnership with Autrian chocolatier Manner.

I will tell you after Sunday if it is a pleasant surprise.

Camels and Chocolate for NY Chocolate Show 2009, Part 1

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