2007 Calaveras County River of Skulls, More Bones for Halloween and Wine 09

I complained yesterday that I could not find suitable options for Halloween and Wine 2009, until Australian/ Hungarian Skulls showed up on my radar.

While finishing my Art, Wine and Halloween piece on this Australian/Hungarian marriage, I noticed the River of Skulls Red thanks to The Passionate Foodie who was reviewing the 06 Vintage.

There is new blood since then. Twisted Oak Winery now released the 2007 Calaveras County River of Skulls (88% Monastrell, 12% Syrah) from the Dalton vineyard.


No inquisition connections that I know of.

I remember visiting a museum in Spain (Andalucia maybe) displaying artifacts from this area and it was not all sweet and sensible.

Winemaker suggested food pairings, lamb and risotto.

Halloween and Wine, Vintage 2009, Part 2

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