Relax with Mary Jane, No Rocket Fuel, It's a Zen Soda

Who needs a drink that makes you shake like you just downed a quintuple espresso?

I am happy to see that there is a counter cultural effort at work to bring sanity back to the soft drink world.

From Denver, Colorado here comes Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda.

Here's their soft sales pitch:

"It's the all-natural soft drink that delivers euphoric relaxation and focus to a stress-filled life. Within minutes of drinking, a "calming" sensation can be felt throughout the body and mind. Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda is perfect for stressful, nerve-wracking situations or when you just feel like sitting back and enjoying life. Made from herbal extracts, carbonated water, and all-natural cane sugar, it's good for your body and mind."

It's a Zen Thing!

Not exactly cheap mind you at $11.00 for 4 Bottles.

4 pack

Your spending impulse might be soothed by the fact that they donate $1 per online sale to Modest Needs...

Discovered via Springwise

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