Oh L'amour, Le Fooding d'Amour, Fleshing Out the Fun in Food, New York, Sept 25-26

We all have seen pretentious, boring food presentations whether on TV or at Live Events.

One thing I can be sure with Le Fooding d'Amour is that they will flesh out the fun, variety and creativity in food and libations.

Le Fooding d'Amour brings together 8 chefs from Paris and 8 from New York, plus mixologists (the equivalent in cocktails to what a DJ is) and also real DJ's from the City of Lights and the Big Apple.

Graphic designers are also involved as the illustration (below) on Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson from Minetta Tavern (part of the New York contingent) by Tim Tomkinson proves.


Where is this thing taking place you might ask.

It will be at P.S.1 (MoMa's annex) in New York on September 25 and 26.

Tickets ($30-$60) will be on sale in the coming weeks with all profits benefiting Action Against Hunger.

Will anyone play Higelin's Paris-New York or La Rousse au Chocolat.

I will follow up this brief snapshot by a more detailed account of the event in the coming days.

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