Negrette, Fronton, Does it ring a bell in your wine mind? Try Le Roc Classique

Want to expand beyond the usual, like wines from the South of France, have you tried Fronton.

This small appellation a short ride north of Toulouse is the home of Domaine Le Roc, a Ribes family affair.


You don't see them often on the shelves so I was happy to grab a bottle of Le Roc, Le Classique (2006).

What distinguishes Fronton besides its small size is that it has its own varietal Negrette, reflects the color of the wine it creates I guess, dark and mysterious.

Le Classique is 70% Negrette whose roots Les Vins Francais tracks back to Cyprus, add to the mix, 20% Syrah and 10% Cabernet.

Tasting notes from the winemaker give this Classique, pain grillé (toast) and spicy flavors.

I would not mind trying their Rosé de Saignée if I could find it.

Around $12


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