Making Chocolate Crepes for Breakfast, Week-End near Montpellier, Vermont

I am actually staying in Plainfield, near Montpellier (Vermont), about 1300 habitants, long ride from New Jersey.

Plainfield is home of Goddard College and has a nice local co-op.


I am as close to a foreign country (Canada in that case) as can be.

Relaxing week-end with friends.

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Giving People a Seat at the Table, Social Good Conference

Aug 28
My morning at the Social Good Conference... After a recap by Adam Hirsch of what the Summer of Social Good stood for, the very beautiful and very active Shira Lazar reminded all of us that we should 'wake up grateful' for all we have including things we take for granted like running, clean water. Then Randi Zuckerberg showed that Facebook is not just about party life but also with causes such as Pink Chaddi against...
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Warning, Moose Crossing

Aug 30
I don't remember ever seeing a 'Moose Crossing' or 'Bear Crossing' warning signs while driving around New Jersey. Passing them on my way back from Vermont added a whiff of adventure to our week-end outing. As we reached Massachusetts, more urban, should I say civilized signage with North Adams and the MASS MoCA Art Center which I need to add to my must see list. Hope you had a rich Sunday.