Giving People a Seat at the Table, Social Good Conference

My morning at the Social Good Conference...

After a recap by Adam Hirsch of what the Summer of Social Good stood for, the very beautiful and very active Shira Lazar reminded all of us that we should 'wake up grateful' for all we have including things we take for granted like running, clean water.

Then Randi Zuckerberg showed that Facebook is not just about party life but also with causes such as Pink Chaddi against violence on women in India or We the Women for women's right to drive a way to give people a seat at the table, giving their voice a chance to be heard.


I unfortunately had to leave the event after Summer Rayne Oakes powerful presentation on Youth involvement in climate change issues such as in Australia with Youth Decide 09 (see video).

Thanks Adam for inviting me and giving me food for thought.

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