Don't Rush, Parking Machine does not Give Change, Almost Missed Train

Heading to New York for Social Good Conference by Mashable, I decided since it was raining to take my car and use the parking facility.
I have an appointment right upon returning so it would save me a few precious minutes. In my rush to catch my train, I followed the instructions on the parking machine, entered my parking spot number, put my $20 bill in the machine ($5 daily fee) and realized one second too late that it did not give change...
It was all the cash I had on me.
Problem was the station does not have ticket machines so the only way to pay for train ride to New York was cash which I now was out of.
The train was already there so I headed for it and explained my quandary to the conductor.
He recognized me from previous trips and told me to get on board and not to worry.


My Friday lesson is don't rush and be ready to be surprised by small acts of kindness.
Have a great day.

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