Climate Camp, Boot Camp for the Environment, London, August 26-September 2

While kids are heading home from Summer camp and getting ready to go back to school, some of the Green crowd in the UK is about to join Climate Camp, a boot camp for the environment taking place (taking over) in London from August 26 to September 2.

I was intrigued by the effort but not sure what to make of it so I read Q & A: Climate Camp by James Randerson (Guardian, August 25) for some guidance.

On What is Climate Camp? he offers the following answer:

Climate Camp is a movement that organises temporary camps for environmental protesters. Its website describes it as "a place for anyone who wants to take action on climate change; for anyone who's fed up with empty government rhetoric and corporate spin; for anyone who's worried that the small steps they're taking aren't enough". At the camps it is possible to learn more about sustainable living and the legal rights of protesters. Camps often culminate in a day of mass action at a climate change target.

They blend technology (Twitter and text messaging) with activism and announce that after meeting at various locations around London chosen for their symbolism, they will 'swoop' to the center of the city around midday on Wednesday.

Climate camp

So not a day to be driving around that part of London or taking a cab.

The Tube would be wise.

Activists on the map for Green Day # 91

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