After Julie and Julia What's Next, Gina and Ginette (Mathiot)

After listening to Nora Ephron being interviewed on August 6 about the release of Julie and Julia, the foodie film extravaganza of 2009, I was left wondering what's next, Gina and Ginette?


As in Ginette Mathiot whose 'Je Sais Cuisiner' (I Know how to Cook, above) is getting its first English language edition in 2009 thanks to the good people at Phaidon, we would just have to find the 2009 equivalent of Gina Lollobrigida to play the role.

Cutting though my kitchen clutter, I happened o realize that I was the proud owner of a tattered paperback copy of Ginette Mathiot 'La Cuisine pout Tous' (Cooking for All). My cover is different than the one below.

Cuisine pourtous

Let's acknowledge that my copy is 20 years old.

Could there also be a Peter, Paul (Bocuse) and Mary opus in the works?

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