3 Days of Peace and Yoga, Wanderlust, Music Festival with a Different Recipe, Lake Tahoe, July 24-26

Following my No Vacation Nation thread, I was checking the correct definition of 'wanderlust' and discovered by accident the Wanderlust Festival which brings together Music and Yoga from July 24 to July 26, 2009 in Lake Tahoe (California).

Any other festival with a main stage at 8000 feet I wonder?

On the music side, line up counts Michael Franti, Spoon, Gillian Welch, Broken Social Scene, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings to name a few.

I noticed the Yoga Slackers in the Yoga lineup, great name...

For the Consumed to Thrifty crowd who cannot fork out the $120 plus dollars for 3 days, I suggest the Daytripper option: "Friday ($24.50), Saturday ($69.50), and Sunday ($49.50). These passes are for music only and are good for all music events (day and night) for that particular day. They also include the Funitel lift ticket for the days in which there is music on top of Squaw."

More music from a different kitchen:
Music not Druids, Green Man Festival in Glanusk Park, Wales (August 20-23)

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