Telescope and Paintbrush, Science and Art in Age of Galileo, Palazzo Blu, Pisa

Blame it on Twitter. Turismo in Toscana (Tourism in Tuscany, with English version) is a new follower so I checked them up and was happy to discover many ways that Tuscany Celebrates Galileo or to be precise the 400th anniversary since Galileo Galilei (1564 – 1642) first pointed a telescope at the stars in 1609, leading to the discovery of new celestial bodies and a whole new concept of the universe.

Unfortunately the Galileo a Pisa site seems to have only an Italian version.

One exhibit I thought worth checking at Palazzo Blu in Pisa (site also only in Italian) is ‘Il cannocchiale e il pennello’ (The Telescope and the Paintbrush) looking at science and art in the age of Galileo.


Turismo in Toscana notes that this exhibit "not only traces the well-known relationship between the scientist and greatest artists of the time, it also spotlights the reflection of Sidereus Nuncius when it comes to representing the heavenly bodies. It provides a window on the intense relationship between sciences and the arts, which was born as a result of the Galilean ‘revolution’. Divided into five sections, that are both thematic and chronological, the exhibition takes visitors on an unprecedented journey through the sciences and the arts. You’ll see famous masterpieces and discover how the work of the Pisan scientist sparked the evolution of a new visual language"

Palazzo Blu (pictured below) is a new venue in the renovated Palazzo Abiente Giuli, "an ancient, noble Pisan palace overlooking the Arno".


The Telelescope and the Paintbrush opens on May and runs until July 20, 2009 from 10am to 7pm (except Mondays).

I will dig deeper into Turismo in Toscana and hopefully come back with a few great finds.

Plan your trip or check the stars.

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