Telling the Truth versus Fudging It (Monday Work Etiquette #82)

Someone asks you a question, you don't have the answer?

You might just have forgotten.

You might not have gotten it.

You might not be sure.

Should you fudge the truth and make up an answer?

Should you give yourself some wiggle room and get the facts right?

Should you tell the truth, say I don't know, go find out and come back with the right answer?

Brian Clark suggests we tell a story in How to tell the truth (Copyblogger, March 23).

Dean Rieck sharing his experience as an advertising account executive at a radio station offered that When in doubt, tell the truth (September 1997).

When I have a blank, I sometime humor my interlocutor by blaming it on my age and not taking my memory pill that morning...

Which brings me to another set of questions...

Can we accept our shortcomings?

Can others accept them too?

Trying to stay honest on Monday Work Etiquette # 82 for this first piece kicking off the fifth year of 'Serge the Concierge'.

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