Passionate like Heather Luttrell ...My IT Girl for Ada Lovelace Day

Passionate like Heather Luttrell...My IT Girl for Ada Lovelace Day on March 24th, 2009.

Ada Lovelace Day celebrates the contribution of women in technology because who wants 5 white guys in a room deciding the future of the world.

I had never met Heather Luttrell (Indie Click), heard her speak or read any of her contributions and thoughts until I saw her deliver the goods at the Future of Online Advertising in New York (June 2007).

What impressed me more than her knowledge of social networks, advertising and all the technical facts and data she mentioned was her passion for her subject?

I did feel that her presentation had one drawback, being tilted towards the 20 to 30 demographics.

She was approachable. I was able to express my reservations about focusing too much on these age groups.

Her Hai Media Group profile credits her amongst other things for 'developing a business model for social networking 10 years before Facebook, My Space and Bebo were even household names'.

Her passion must have rubbed off on me as it inspired me to propose my 'Just Over 50 and Not Dead Yet' panel on 'how the online world is not populated just by 20 somethings' for South by Southwest Interactive (2008).

Thanks Heather for being an inspiration and doing what you do well because you believe in what you are doing.

Funny enough it seems there is another Heather Luttrell, a singer and musician...

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