Wine Dating, Yes We Can with Grape Vine Social (London and UK)

As Valentine's Day is getting close, you might be looking for a date yet would like to meet someone with common interests.

If the world of wine looms large in your life, with Grape Vine Social you might find a companion while educating your palate.

To take part in Grape Vine Social activities, you have to live in the UK as they offer events only in London and the British Islands.

No boomers it seems as they quote the 24-38 age range for most of their events including a Valentine's Bubbly Tasting on February 13 in London at The Master Gunner. Sounds like a pirate den to me.

Has anyone given them a try?

Good wine?

Good company?

They landed on my radar thanks to Off the beaten track, unusual dating tips including table-football dating (??) by Kate Abbott (The Guardian, January 30)

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