Wanna be a Wine Tourist? If Spain is on your mind, Catavino could Help

The next best thing to owning a winery and working the soil might be to discover the land where it all came from.
Call it embracing the terroir, wine tourism, eco-tourism even if your favorite wines and winemakers are of the organic type.

After writing first about Spanish wines then adding Portugal to the mix, Gabriella and Ryan Opaz decided to approach their subject in a broader fashion.

They just relaunched Catavino to embrace the culture in the diverse growing regions and the food that makes many of the Iberian wines shine.
They also share some hard earned tips on good places to stay, best ways to get to these places and related tourism fare.

So if you wanna be a wine tourist and Spain is on your mind (or Portugal) pay a visit to the new and improved Catavino.

On the menu as I write is Sesimbra: A Seafood Lover’s Paradise in Portugal by Andrea...

Made me hungry, time for lunch...

A Spanish Pick:
4 Steps in the Right Direction: 'Cuatro Pasos' (Mencia 06), A Red Wine even a Bear could Love!

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