Sea, Books and Sun, Hay Festival Cartagena opens January 29

Take sea and sun add books to the mix and you get the Hay Festival Cartagena (Columbia) which opens on January 29 and closes February 1st. 2009 is the fourth edition.

Since my last visit to their site which at the time was in Spanish only, they were kind enough to add an English version.

They tease us into joining them by sharing that "time here is a gift of pleasure and imagination and romance. Please join us to share new stories and ideas, the finest seafood on the planet and as much dancing, laughter and life as you can handle."

If I made it there, I would definitely have checked Jon Snow offering his views on "From San Salvador to Baghdad, living with the Gringos".

If like me you can only taste this festival of the mind from afar the Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias Blog will offer a day by day account.


I borrowed their picture (above) of Mexican writer Antonio Sarabia writing his (?) loves letters outdoors.

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