Revisiting my Barack Stories, On January 20th, Inauguration Day

Less an hour before an historic event takes place here in America, let me revisit a few things that captured my attention along the way to this day, my Barack stories.

If you are in DC experiencing the events firsthand, a Washable Map of the Obama Inaugural, An Instant Collectors Item? might come handy.

Going out to eat for lunch or dinner Will your Restaurant serve Barack of Lamb or Crepes Michelle on Inauguration Day? or any other dish.

Far away cities are riding the Obama wave.
Is Obama City, New Tourist Hot Spot? Obama = Little Beach in Japanese and after Barack Obama's Kenyan Family Celebrated by Slaughtering bulls will they benefit? They got connected to the electric grid I heard.

Music was on the menu during the campaign with Vote Early, Rock Late in Ohio with Devo, Breeders (Oct 16-17) and These United States in Frisco (Oct 15) not to forget The Dead endorses Obama! Where does Wolfgang Puck stands?

Let's conclude with this Halloween treat Creative not Bitter, Yes We Carve, Halloween 2008

Enjoy the celebration and a taste of Hope.

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