Irmin Schmidt (Can) spills the beans on Cooking and Okra

I guess I should not be surprised that some musicians are also good cooks.
If you think about it, there are common traits between both fields.
They require creativity, inspiration, improvisation, making the most of your ingredients and your limitations.
Let's not forget the local flavor.

In an unusual interview of Irmin Schmidt (Can) On Food And Cooking (Plus A Recipe Tip) by Luke Turner (The Quietus, December 12, 2008), the German native who now lives in the South of France starts by stating that growing poor in the post war times taught him to make do and have the ability to turn leftovers into a new dish.

This will resonate with the Consumed to Thrifty crowd.

Mr. Schmidt also believes in buying local meat and produce and that for meat simple is better. Let the natural flavors come through is his motto.

It took me until now to learn that the title of one of Can albums Ege Bamyasi (cover below) means Okra in Turkish.


Since I was in France when it came out, okra did not register on my food radar back then.

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