With this Lunch Kit, Your Kid Schoolmates will be Green with Envy

You can teach your children lessons of good citizenship in many ways.

Wasting less and polluting less could be one of them.

It could start with the School Lunch.

Many kids can be fussy when it comes to what they will eat on their midday break.

The 'official menu' at the cafeteria might not cut it on some days.

Would they take along food from home if it was still warm, fresh and tasty when it's time for lunch?

A mother first, an entrepreneur second, Chance Claxton of Kids Konserve (their tagline is 'choose to reuse') did a makeover on the Stainless Steel lunch tins that I remember seeing many construction workers carrying and using.

Her company offers great looking, practical and reusable Waste Free Lunch Kits as the basic one below ($40).


With one of these, you kid will make her/his schoolmates Green with envy while ducking the use of plastic containers and paper towels.

If you don't want the whole package, the Thermos for Soups ($20) and the Child's Tiffin ($20) could be a start.

If you are looking for Tiffins for Big and Small people alike, I discovered that Pearl River which has a store at  477 Broadway, SOHO area between Grand St. and Broom St in New York City also offers a variety of options.

It is great not just for school but for a day trip or even summer camp.

Kid Concious for Green Day # 57

Hopefully your kids won't loose it on the first day!

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