Why Can't I Download Music from Rhapsody to Zune MP3 Player?

I have been using Rhapsody for a couple of years now, do enjoy it even with the lack of Frank Zappa and King Crimson tunes.

I just realized this Christmas though that upgrading to Rhapsody to Go did not amount to much.
The only MP3 Players supported by the To Go service are Sandisk Sansa ones.

This Christmas 2008, I bought my 16 year old a 8GB Zune Player upon his request (he likes the interface, sorry I Pod Lovers).
Why should I have now to fork out more money to be able to download music to this player?

Imagine a situation where each different brand of refrigerator was only able to store certain types of foods or if a TV could play only certain channels or programs or a car could get gas only at certain gas stations.

We would think that it is plain crazy?

That's what happens with music.

Stop making sense!

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