Nanny or Botox Treatment...Botox Wins? Cutting Back

What do you cut first?
What do you cut last?
Miriam Jordan suggests that When the Going Gets Tough, Some People Lay Off the Nanny (Wall Street Journal, December 11), and personal chefs and the like.

Besides women giving up on household help, the article mentions people taking care of their own lawn and garden rather than hiring someone to do it.
From the sound of it, a Ms. Sirof quoted in the piece seems to show that having to choose between a nanny and Botox treatment, Botox wins...

Ashley Hall (Channel 12, Oregon) interviews credit counselor Jan Saffley who notes that Recession could lead to more careful spending habits and says that "(The word) Budget, until recently, hasn't been very popular. People don't want to plan ahead, they don't want to do a budget, they don't want to say 'no' to impulse shopping. But, because of the current situation, we are finding people a little more interested in tracking their spending."

In our Consumed to Thrifty times what will you cut first?
What will you cut last?

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