Lunch with Ruffino, Wednesdays at the Museum and Nice Matin

The 2008 Vintage is coming to a close.

Let me admit that a number of things I meant to write about have not seen the light of the day (yet).

Amongst them count Lunch with Ruffino (their CEO that is) at Bar Boulud, Wednesdays at the Museum (in New York and New Jersey), Dinner at Nice Matin in New York (the past Summer) and my tasting notes and impressions on Italian Chocolates (from the Chocolate Show)...

The list does not end there.

These are a few that I have to make up for...

I will try at least.

Before the year is over, be kind, visit the Donation Page for Menu for Hope 5.

Check Pineau, Nut Butters and Chocolate: My 3 Prizes for Menu for Hope 5

To those of you in the Asia- Pacific Region and Europe who already crossed the line into 2009, Bonne Annee, Happy New Year...

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