Top 5 Toilets with a View from 'A Loo with a View'

I realized very quickly once I started reading Five best ... loos with a view (The Guardian, November 29) that views here matter more than creature comforts except maybe for the underwater loo at Akashi, Japan...

Not sure if that one matches a Japanese creation that I saw in the Big Apple which was like a cross between a bidet and a toilet, strange, convenient, amazing, I am not sure what adjective is most representative.

If you want a Frank Herbert moment, go to Namibia and use the wooden shack facing Dune 45.
These 5 picks by The Guardian are amongst those featured in A Loo with a View, a book by Luke Barclay (Virgin Books UK, October 08).


In The world's most scenic lavatories (Independent, October 18), Charlotte Philby writes that "Luke Barclay, author of Loo With a View, set off on a two-year global mission: to find bathrooms, dunnies, restrooms and outhouses of distinction to write home about. And not just toilets distinguished by innovative designs or a flash flush, what Barclay sought was a loo that offered more than just a facility, he wanted breathtaking atmosphere, a space in which to contemplate the world. On his journey, the intrepid Brit found 40 latrines that met his criteria: in the rice plantations in Bali, just off Interstate 15 in Las Vegas, and slap bang in the middle of a mini desert near Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, to name but a few."

Toilets as a tourist attraction is as far off the beaten track as one can think.

Thanks god the author has a sense of humor.

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