Sweet Potatoes, Chestnuts and Gala Apples with Catfish: Sunday Dinner

Not keen on turning my headline into a laundry list, I did not mention Asparagus or Brussels Sprouts as the potential green element.
What got me started on this Sweet Potato, Chestnut and Apple medley to go with Catfish for Sunday Dinner?
I did not make the Apple and Chestnut soup recipe I saw on Chow and since I had the elements for it decided to drop the usual suspect, rice, for them, adding sweet potato for good measure and some cumin to boot.
Not sure how it will come out, tastewise but I would not know if I did not try.

It will be Brussels Sprouts and the Catfish got a dusting of Paprika complemented by fresh lime juice.

Improvisation, Jazzing up Sunday Dinner.

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