Serve Big Helpings of Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day

With all the doom and gloom on the economic front of late, it might sound sometimes like the end of the world is near.
Well, when I walk into my local food store, there is an abundance of choices which shows there is a way to go before we reach the state of Zimbabwe, no cholera outbreak on our horizon either.
The waves of the financial storm hitting our shores will be nowhere near as devastating as the cyclone in Burma.
When I start feeling sorry for myself, I think of what some people are going through in other countries and it puts things back in perspective.

What we are experiencing right now is a strong pinch not a stranglehold.

This Thanksgiving Day 2008, I might not spend as freely as I did in past years as I go from Consumed to Thrifty.

The holiday meal will be healthy and plentiful and I will have a chance to rest.

So on Thanksgiving Day, for those of you who celebrate, serve big helpings of gratitude.

Thanks to Gratitude can help your health, marriage and more by Barbara Bartlein (Wallet Pop, November 26) for the inspiration.

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