Okonomiyaki, Pizza or Pancake Japanese Style?

Browsing through the many suggestions offered by Japan Travel Info, I could not help but notice Osaka Affordable Gourmet.
The piece happens to bring together Consumed to Thrifty and Tokyo Thursdays two of the threads that I weave on Serge the Concierge.
I pledge ignorance on the subject of Okonomiyaki which is described either as a pizza or a pancake.

Described by Japan Travel Blog as a kind of "Japanese pancake containing diced meat and cabbage and flavored with Worcestershire sauce, it is usually cooked by the customers themselves at tableside hotplates. A good place to try it is at Okonomiyaki Kiji, one of many restaurants in the Umeda Sky Building basement."

As for Just Hungry, it gives us a play by play illustrated cooking lesson slash recipe in the art of making Okonomiyaki.

Have you tried this at home?

A tasty Tokyo Thursdays # 66

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