November 2nd, Daylight Savings Time (in the US) Gives Me An Extra Hour Sleep

November 2nd, when we Fall Back on Daylight Savings Time, gives me an extra hour sleep that is if I am lucky that no one jumps out of bed at an ungodly hour and wakes me up.
My 10 year old did just that today yet after a few grumblings I had a chance to catch up some with my sleep deficit.
The California Energy Commission suggest that as we Change our Clock we Change a Bulb to an Energy Efficient One.
Want to see how Daylight Savings Time plays out around the globe, Time and Date tells us what's going on in 2008.
Afghanistan does not yield to the practice while Moldova adjusted its clocks as many other countries it seems did so on October 26.
On the comforting side, Salynn Boyles mentions study that shows Fewer Heart Attacks When Clocks Are Moved Back (WebMD, October 29).
Can the origins of Daylight Savings Time be tracked all the way back to 1784 (and Benjamin Franklin) as CNN Student News notes, I am not positive.

All I wish is you benefited from the extra hour.

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