Nothing to Lose but Your Overdraft: Credit Crunch Chic & The Thrift Book

One advantage of being a writer, especially if you are already a marquee name is that 'Live well and spend less' published in the UK by Penguin on November 6th.

She gives us a taste of her opus in Credit crunch chic: how to save pots of money (Times Online UK, November 2).

Her latest flirt with disaster she tells us was:

 "In 2007, before I decided that I really needed to get a grip once and for all, I was served with bankruptcy papers — not for the first time. I had two books in the top 10 bestseller charts at the time. It’s not that I can’t earn money, or that I don’t earn enough of it. It’s a complete inability to manage money, full stop — and, to be frank, an inborn lack of interest in doing so. I think I subconsciously saw my financial idiocy as a sign of a rather charmingly bohemian easy-come, easy-go approach to life in general. I know: it’s pathetic. (It’s perhaps no coincidence that my father died a double bankrupt and that my mother’s attitude to money is quite breezy.)"

Thrift book

According to Penguin, India Knight will show us "that saving money and tightening your belt doesn’t have to feel like a penance – it can be both fun and glamorous" and that we have nothing to lose trying her recipes for financial recovery but our overdraft.

A perfect bedside companion for the Consumed to Thrifty crowd.

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