Mo' Beta Chocolate: Tcho, Wired, Tasty, No Slavery

Going slowly but surely through my Chocolate Show goodies bag, I finally got to Tcho.

What made me stop at their table was the 'Beta' sign.

Sounded like Chocolate 2.0

I like the light touch they bring to chocolate making.

What drives them is the 'Flavor Wheel' below.

Their flavor-driven approach allows you to narrow your picks quickly depending on your taste buds or your mood.

No wasteful packaging in the Beta Batches as you can see below.

Beta batch

What also piqued my curiosity was their use of some Peruvian beans which I had not had a chance to taste until now.

So far I tied 3 of their Betas: Nutty (Peru), Chocolatey (Ghana) and Fruity (Peru), all dark chocolate.

The last one "Fruity" is my favorite. It has long lasting power is organic and uses fair trade beans in case you wondered.

Besides all the contents notes, you cannot miss the "no slavery" tag.

Where does the Chocolate 2.0 twist comes in?

For starters, each Beta Batch is stamped with a 'serial number' so you can share your feedback with Tcho in your very own Online Review.

As for the Wired connection, it has to do with one of Tcho's co-founders, Louis Rosetto who gave birth
to Wired magazine in a previous life.

I did not know of his stake in the company until I read the Tcho blog and saw his name and writing there.

No wonder they come from San Francisco.

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